Changes in e-cigarettes and tobacco labeling regulations for Denmark

The Danish Safety Technology has changed the requirements for the labeling of e-cigarettes and tobacco products.

For e-cigarettes, Danish Safety Technology has so far required that All electronic cigarettes and refillable containers with nicotine must be equipped with a health warning.

The EU Commission has looked into the matter and our requirement has been changed so that from now on only the outer packaging for refill containers or e-cigarettes that can be used with nicotine containing liquids, which shall be labeled with health warnings.

Changes are also made to the requirement for EC-ID number to be stated on the product itself, this is no longer applicable. This change occurs after dialogue with the Industry, the Ministry of Health and other EU countries.

The same changes are applied to labelling of tobacco products. The TP-ID number should no longer be stated on the tobacco products. This change also occurs after dialogue with stakeholders and other EU countries.

(July 5, 2017)